“My therapy session was amazing! I was so surprised by the impact that such light touches can have on your body and health. Saxony was so wonderful and explained the science behind the work she was doing every step of the way. She knew every tender point I had by touch. I would certainly recommend this therapy. With the light touches, she can easily work on someone with neck pain or those who have had major surgeries in the past without causing pain or causing unease. As for me, Saxony was able to pinpoint that my body may be having a difficult time releasing hormones. While I never brought up my low estrogen levels with her, I was happy to hear that she had uncovered what was keeping it from doing so properly. Top it all off, her office is relaxing and the whole experience is enjoyable. (Especially afterwards when I continue to reap the benefits of the session)!  C.C.

I came in and saw Saxony regarding pain in my knee. Right away she was warm and welcoming and made me feel comfortable. She was very attentive to my needs and listened to my concerns. Just after one visit, she was able to give me some relief. She not only focused on the actual knee, but my entire leg. She also gave me some great exercise tips to do at home and those have been extremely helpful. When I walked in, I was unable to bend my knee. When I left Counterstrain, I was more mobile and didn’t have the constant burning sensation I was experiencing for so long. I will definitely be returning to Saxony for physical therapy in the future.A.T.

I had been experiencing pain and swelling in my neck for 3 months prior to visiting Counterstrain. I had seen a chiropractor, and attempted many different stretches to correct the problem. Nothing was working, so I decided to go a different route and seek a physical therapist. I wish I would have went sooner! I felt immediate results even after the first session at Counterstrain, and my symptoms started to dissipate over the next few weeks. My experience was extremely pleasant and knowledgeable. Highly Recommended!” S.B.

“I had a fantastic experience at Counterstrain PT. Saxony is awesome! She’s great at putting you at ease and explaining everything that she’s doing to help you. I’ve had nagging hip pain for about 10 years and just one session has helped a ton! The treatment is incredibly gentle yet very effective which is an amazing combination. I’m super grateful for the treatment that I received here!” E.C.

“Nervous about going for my first physical therapy appoint, Saxony Matousek’s sweet nature made all apprehension disappear. I went in to correct some elbow pain (what feels like “locking” and occasional numb sensations). Saxony quickly identified the source of the problem and helped with nerve, muscle, and bone discomfort from the elbow to where the nerve connects to the spinal column. I felt great and learned about the origins of my discomfort. 🙂 Saxony was also really awesome and looked for any other trouble spots I may have been having (identify the source of occasional migraine and hip issues). I really appreciated her time, thoughtfulness, and thorough explaining of the process. She is a gem of a practitioner. Random side note: She also offered water, a warm blanket, and other amenities. All delightful bonuses.” EA.C.

“From the moment I met Saxony, I felt welcomed and cared for. She used highly trained touch to correct a twitching in my eye, release tightness in my hips and neck, and carefully demonstrated self-care exercises so that I can continue the progress at home. In 30 min she helped me reduce pain that had been bothering me for almost 10 years. Thanks Saxony!” T.F.

“I cannot say enough about how amazing a session with Think Physical Therapy is for my body, mind and spirit. Saxony is an amazing practitioner. She’s running a spring special right now, so you should sign your self-up.” A.V.