Well I did have plans…thanks a lot coronavirus!

“Don’t be afraid of change. You may lose something good, but you may gain something better.”

Like the rest of you, I have felt very lost living in this new norm of staying away from people,  as I make a living by being very close and personal with them. While we are all waiting this out, hopefully from the safety of home–– a few things (for now 😉 )

Please join me every Thursday, 9am EST, as I go live on YOUTUBE, Saxony Doctor of Physical Therapy, for a free Pilates mat-work session that will help you move better, breathe better, and feel BETTER! Also, have a laugh as I learn how to navigate the tech world. Not my strong suit (great time to learn something new hint hint)!

Please consider donating to No Kid Hungry during this time of desperate need––because no child should go hungry EVER–– it is estimated that while we resolve this horrific pandemic and schools remain closed, kids in need will miss more than 101 million meals in just one week alone. 

AND, for all essential workers out there, THANK YOU!!! WE ARE WITH YOU (6 feet away…or more). Thank you for helping us be safer, healthier, and not go completely nuts during this time. You are the very best! Thank you for sacrificing your own health and well-being for the greater good. Visit Coronavirus Relief Fund to help. This site allows you to designate your donation to many different organizations assisting those who need it most right now.

It’s tough, as we spare a lot of our freedoms and luxuries to halt the spread, not to get frustrated, scared, angry, bored…or get all the feelings all at once…But for the sake of humanity’s future, we remain 6 feet away. We remain inside. Live kind, live strong, live simply in this new present. This too, shall pass. 

*elbow bump*