Learn About Your”SELFIE” On Think PT Facebook Page

Visit @thinkphysicaltherapy on Facebook for posts to keep you in the know about health, wellness, exercise, and Fascial Counterstrain!

Motivation Monday: Everyone needs a pick-me-up, and this day we need it most. Check in for motivational quotes and tips to keep you inspired and reaching your personal goals.

Wellness Wednesday: Read about the latest research and information on how to advocate for and reach your optimal well-being.

Fascia Friday: Read and/or view the latest research, stories, and information about this fascinating protective structure that is all over our body!

Shoutout Saturday: This day goes out to all the mentors, educators, leaders, and local businesses helping to pave the way for new ways to progress our health and well-being.

Learn about your “Selfie” Sunday: The title says it all, this day is dedicated to educating you about your own anatomy and physiology, teaching you how the complexity of systems can work (or not work) together to make you a fascinating human being (see above video to learn about “Dead Butt Syndrome” in the first Sunday video post.)

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